Regarding: You + Me & Co.

We believe in consumer research that builds community.


Data can give us information, but not meaning. It can tell us about our consumers, but not let us know them. Without the human element, consumer research keeps companies and consumers at a distance.  At Re: You + Me, we’re here to build the bridge.


We’re a Consumer Research company that believes in building real relationships: combining sharp data with soft hearts. Our consumer and audience research is a bridge and tool for brand meaning, audience-focused intentionality, open-mindedness, active listening, and community advocacy.

Our Offerings

Our Approach

Mixed-Method Study Design

    • The right blend of qualitative audience analysis and quantitative validation to wholly support your brand’s exploration. 

Qualitative Theme Development

    • Transform your audience from numbers on a screen into inspiring use cases, understandable challenges & frustrations, or relatable attitudes by diving into their ethos through 1:1 interviews, focus groups, diary studies, or ethnographies.

Quantitative Validation

    • Use traditional survey techniques to uncover popular beliefs or opinions and predict audience resonance with a screened and qualified audience.


  • You are a brand looking to re-connect with your consumers.
  • You want to get to know your consumers more deeply, as members of your community.
  • You’re ready for consumer insights work that goes beyond: pairing the sharpness of data with the nuance of human experience.
  • You know that to create a lasting impact as a brand or business, you need to build a real relationship with the people you’re talking to.


  • RYM & Co. brings consumer strategy and design thinking to your business by leveraging an audience-centric approach to solve organizational challenges, identify consumer experience opportunities, and execute growth strategies.
  • A genuine passion for consumer and market understanding to every project and organization I meet will deepen the relationship between your consumers and your brands.
  • Our consumer insights work will harness the power of data to help you build not just a successful business, but a robust community, where we all thrive together.

Together, we’ll work to…

  • Re-build the trust between consumers and brands.
  • Re-apply scientific research methods to show not just graphs, but true motivation.
    • Re-define the value of emotion, from ‘human error’ to an untapped pool of information.
    • Relate to one another as members of a community, helping each other grow.