Relationships take work. No matter where you are on your journey, RYM & Co. will help facilitate a more profound connection with your audience.

Full Service Offerings
Consumer Personas IRL

What we'll do: Add color to your consumer perception to ensure you're armed with the nuance necessary for authentic connection. Approximately 8x In-Depth Interviews will give you a deeper look into your target personas. 

How it works:

1. You share target profiling variables and qualifiers.

2. RYM finds 2-3 of your target personas and speaks with them, giving you deeper insight.

3. You + RYM review key patterns, insights, and implications together.

4. You receive a short video sizzle summarizing our findings. 

Total Lead Time: 2 weeks 

Consumer Validation

What we’ll do: Validate your gut. Validate your direction. This lightweight survey is designed to answer your burning consumer strategy questions. 

How it works:

1. You share what questions are keeping you up at night and your consumer hypothesis.

2. RYM develops a 10-12 question survey designed to answer your questions and field it amongst consumers.

3. You + RYM discuss findings, insights, and implications together.

4. You receive a short findings deck and raw data.

Total Lead Time: 2 weeks 

Custom Solutions

What we’ll do: Uncover your greatest business question and ideal consumer relationship. This custom approach will ensure we find and execute the right method for your unique challenge. 

How it works:

1. You share where you are, where you’re trying to go, and what questions you’d like to answer along the way.

2. RYM develops and executes a custom approach to fit your business challenge.

3. You + RYM discuss findings, insights, and implications together.

4. You receive a findings deck, raw data, and optional visual media outputs.

Total Lead Time: 6-8 weeks 

Consultations, Trainings, & Support Offerings
Consumer Strategy Introduction

What we’ll do: Not sure how market research can be of value to you and your business? This 45 minute introduction will explain the value of market research, how it helps, and how it can be shaped to support your relationship with your customers. 

How it works:

1. You share a bit about your business and the audience/customers you service.

2. You + RYM discuss ways brands today leverage formal data collection to support decision making and strategy.

3. You + RYM begin brainstorming ways you can use consumer research to support your day to day business decisions. 

Total Length of Session: 45 mins 

Investment: $250

Consumer Strategy Consultation

What we’ll do: Review existing consumer data, develop a strategy for exploring a consumer challenge or creating a consumer feedback loop, or brainstorm techniques for deeper funnel impact. 

How it works:

1. You share what you’d like to understand about your audience/community or the type of relationship you’re buidling, as well as any accompanying data or context.

2. You + RYM discuss and plot a path forward from where you are.

3. You leave with insight and strategies that empower your continued action and learning.

Total Length of Session: 90 minutes 

Investment: $500

Survey Development and Programming 101

What we’ll do: Interested in ongoing audience or community surveying but not sure where to start? This intro to survey development and programming session with equip you with best practices and tips for getting the most out of your primary research. 

How it works:

1. You show up for best practices for quantitative primary research development.

2. If you already have a survey programming platform, you’ll grant me access ahead of our session for platform specific tips. 

3. You + RYM review any live or relevant audience questions you may have at the time of our session. 

4. Optional: RYM creates and programs one (1x) 5-10 question survey template for easy, plug & play survey execution.  (+$600 / template)

Total Length of Session: 2 hours 

Investment: $1,500 (+$600 per survey template | Lead Time: 1 week)

Interviewing and Moderation 101

What we’ll do: Are you or your team interested in hosting customer focus groups or moderating consumer interviews throughout the lifespan of your business (a highly recommended practice, btw)? This introduction to audience/community interviewing and moderation will equip you with best practices and tips for getting the most out of your primary research.

How it works:

1. You consider the types of questions or conversations you’d like to have and why and share them with RYM ahead of our session.

2. Then, you show up for best practices for qualitative research development.

3. Optional: RYM creates an interview guide template for easy, plug and play qualitative execution. (+$600 / interview guide template)

Total Length of Session: 2 hours 

Investment: $1,500 (+$600 per interview guide creation | Lead Time: 1 week)

Consumer Moderation Support Services

What we’ll do: Don’t have the time for in person or virtual interview or focus group moderation? RYM has the expertise to support you. 

How it works:

1. You share your learning agenda and discussion guide. (Optional: RYM drafts discussion guide based on your learning agenda.)

2. You share your outreach strategy, recruit & schedule the audience or community members you’d like to hear from. (Optional: RYM manages this step for you.)

3. RYM supports you by moderating your in depth interviews or focus groups and providing a summary of findings and session recordings. 

Qualitative LOI (Length of Engagement): Up to 90 minutes

Investment: $350 per In Depth Interview / $600 per focus group

+$600 for interview guide creation

+ $1,000 for outreach strategy & recruit management (i.e. balanced sampling strategy, participant invitation copy, scheduling, incentive management)

*Travel costs for in person moderation is not included in above costs.

Other Consumer & Community Development Scenarios & Methods
The Icebreaker:
The Long Term Relationship:
Conflict Resolution:
Build & attract a new audience or community

Key Question: How do I get to know my target audience?  

Methodologies we may employ to answer this question… 

  • Persona Development – No prospective or current audience member is the same. Begin to uncover nuances within your target audience so that you understand where to go and how to communicate, with greater clarity. 

  • Concept Testing – Offer your target audience the opportunity to speak their mind and give you real feedback – the good and the ugly. Trust them to help you pressure test your next idea. 
Check in with your existing audience or community

Key Question: How do I build a more meaningful relationship with my audience?

Methodologies we may employ to answer this question… 

  • Audience Segmentation – Now that you’ve begun collecting data on your audience, you likely have a solid understanding of who they are, in totality. Use this information to optimize product development and communications with a more targeted approach.  

  • Attitudinal Resonance – Share concepts with your audience or community to test resonance, build upon your original concept, and understand watch outs. 

  • Customer Engagement – Keep the lines of communication open with ongoing analysis of customer satisfaction, social listening for your brand & key competitors, text analysis of ingested customer reviews/support feedback, ongoing analysis of membership profiles, or ongoing audience polling.
Diagnose challenges & develop solution strategies

Key Question: How do I navigate tension points with my audience or community?

Methodologies we may employ to answer this question… 

  • Brand Health Study – Understand where your brand stands at this moment in time by exploring market awareness, competitive landscape, and brand association.

  • Organizational/Departmental Facilitations – Unearth organizational, innovation, or process opportunities through internal expertise and sentiment.
  • Consumer Communication Strategy – Develop topic outlines, targeting, and keyword strategy for revamping comms with your existing audience. 

To talk about how we might approach your specific challenge, connect with me to continue the conversation.